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Compiition Dancing: Service
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Competitve Dancing

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What is Pro/Am

Pro-Am competition is a category in DanceSport where amateur students partner with a professional dancer, similar to what you see on “Dancing With The Stars.

In theses events only the amateur is judged, leaving the professional free to concentrate on helping you look and dance your best! There are several age classifications and level divisions available, allowing professional partners to dance with all their students, and to ensure you compete against other dancers of similar skill. Every dane style is available, so you can choose the dances you want to compete in.


Syllabus Divisions 

Competitions are usually divided by syllabus, meaning competitors are restricted to specific steps appropriate for their experience level. Your instructor will teach you competition choreography in advance, to prepare you for your competition. The level are: Newcomer, Pre-Bronze, Bronze, Full Bronze, Open Bronze, Pre-Silver, Silver, Full Silver, Open Silver, Pre-Gold, Gold, Full Gold, Open Gold & Open Championship.

Scholarship Events 

Most competitions offer multi-dance scholarship events. There are highly competitive events where competitors are judged on their overall ability in several dances. The top three couples are usually rewarded with scholarships money to help further their dance training. Our proud stunts have been highly successful in these events, securing thousands of dollars in scholarships funds from various competitions.

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